when a child is born so is a mother…..(dedicated to my mom)

i am starting my first entry of blog with the most beautiful color of one’s life…..MOTHER….:)

a child enters this world with a cute weep….this weep….it is the signal of million tonnzz of happiness which he is bringing along for the family to which he’s born….

guyzzz….ask ur parents after ur birth when they holded you for the first time…how did they feel…????
they’ll definitly answer this…it was the bestest feeling they ever had….:)

above all these happiness lies one countless and meaningful happiness…the endless happiness of a mother….
before a child’s birth….she may have been a wife, a beloved but after after a child is born her whole existence becomes qualitatively different….she fully sacrifices herself for her child….there can be no one like her on dis earth….it is said that GOD cant be present at every place for everyone thats why he created mother….:)

bearing pains for a period of 9 months….and after dat the pain which she experiences during a child birth….that is what me n you can never ever imagine….these hardships let her happily turn herself from an ordinary woman to mother….no doubt there are hormonal changes….physical changes….but above all there are emotional changes in her….her all relations become secondary for her at that moment….she is no more the same wife….she is no more the same daughter-in-law….the same daughter….the same sister….she is just a MOTHER….:)

a mother’s bond to a child is 9 months older than any other bond the child shares….thats why it is stronger then all other bonds….:)

a mother understands what a child does not say….a small baby who cant evn speak no one can undrstnd his language expect a mother….she knows at what time he’ll b hungry….at what time he is hungry….when does he feel sleepy….she cares for the child as if it is still her own part….she sacrifices her days and nights for the child….she smiles wit tears of happiness in her eyes while lovin her baby….

the first word a child learn 2 speak is by default ‘MAA‘….when he learns to crawl the first person he starts crawling towards is his mother….he starts walking holding her hands….a child knows she’s the goddess of his life….

the hardships which a mother bears in upbringing a child can never be repaid as they are priceless….she spends much time and energy to nurture her child from the time the child is born….throughout the periods of childhood….teenage and adulthood….
the moment her child is in pain….she get so worried she forgot to eat and drink….often she herself fall sick due to this….she will always think of her child….no one can describe her deep concern for her child….when her child has to undergo sufferings….the kind mother will pray throughout the day….wishing that she is the one who suffers….
she fights with the whole world for her child….she gets hurted many times….even she gets scolded by her husband many times for overprotecting her child….even then she loves her child the most….she sacrifices herself for her child….

she is a CANDLE who burns herself to give her child light
she is an ANGEL who blesses her child with everything he want
she is a SHELTER who protects her child from every pain
she is a GARDNER who nurtures her child with her care
she is a FRIEND who keeps all your secrets
she is a DOCTOR who cures her child with her love
she is a TEACHER who guides her child the best
she is the INSPIRATION behind everything
she is the DESPIRATION that you have

I just wana thank GOD for blessing me with the bestest mom in the world….mom i love you the most….you are the best….thank you so much for making me what i am….


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